Friday, May 1, 2015

The Allen Family Photo Album

Recently a third cousin, once removed showed up in my Ancestry DNA matches.  It turns out he has a picture of my great-grandfather's sister, Elma Allen and is descended from her.  Elma and my great-grandfather, John D Allen,  were born to John Allen and Sarah Ann Freeman who were married in New Jersey and headed west to join relatives on the frontier....Muskingum County, Ohio.  Arriving in 1831, Elma was born in 1832 and John D followed in May of 1833.  However, tragedy struck in November of 1833 when John Allen died, likely of cholera.   In a couple of years Sarah married again, an older man by the name of Benjamin Robinson.  She had four children by Benjamin before he also died, leaving her a young widow with six children.  Those four children were Nancy, Lucy, Emeline and Albert.

John D Allen married Mary Short Lake, the Short for her natural father and Lake for the family that adopted her when the Short family arrived in Ohio.  So, Mary had two fathers.

This album belonged to John D and Mary.  My dad identified a few of the pictures but many remain unidentified.  When I went looking for the album to see if any of the pictures matched the one my new cousin had of Elma Allen I had a hard time finding it and was so relieved when it finally showed up.  I decided to scan all the pictures and preserve them here and, who knows, maybe someday someone WILL identify these folks.

The family members that are possibilities:
Sarah Ann Freeman, John D Allen, Elma Allen, Nancy Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Lucy's husband William Case, Emeline (who, to my knowledge was never married) and Albert Robinson and his wife.

We have to also add the possibility of Mary Short Lake's family, which would include her, her fathers Christopher Retallick Short and Enoch B Lake.  Mary had one full brother, William Short and a half sister by the name of Sarah Short - oh, and possibly her mother Keziah Ogg.

Then, of course John D's nine children, Lillian, Mollie, Jennie, Nell, Anne, John, Charles, Jude and Babe.  Mollie's husband Isaac Newton Keyser and Jennie's first husband Noah Bowers are also in this group.

The pictures all appear to be before the turn of the century.  So, here we go - first, the ones I know:

 Anne Elma Allen 1870-1951
Never Married
 Louis Lake (Babe) Allen 1881-1923
Was a Printer
Married Margaret Lutz after the turn of the 
century, no pictures of her
 Charles R Allen 1876-1951
Charles married Ada Alma Martin in 1920
 Charles R Allen 1876-1951
 Jennie Allen 1865-1962 
and an unidentified friend in a tintype photo
  Jennie Allen 1865-1962
  Jennie Allen 1865-1962
 John E Allen 1874-1943
John married Gretchen Rutter in 1906, but
there are no pictures of her in this album
John D Allen 1833-1929
Mary Short Lake 1842-1900
 Isaac Newton Keyser 1857-1932
 Noah Fenton Bowers 1852-1914
Noah Fenton Bowers 1852-1914
 Adda Alma "Addie" Short 1864-1951 
Addie was the dtr of William Short
George Shuler 1865-1946
Husband of Addie Short
They lived in Salina, Kansas 

The following picture is not in the album, it is the picture of Elma Allen my cousin sent me.

                                              Elma Allen 1832-1914
Married Oliver Hamilton 1857

The following people are unidentified, but are Allen's in my opinion because of the deepset eyes and nose.  They all appear to be related.

 My feeling is that this is a younger Elma
 Very likely also Elma
 Again, it's the eyes - check out John D Allen above
Again, it's the eyes - check out John D Allen above

The following are ones where I don't have a clue.

 A couple of these (far left and top right) might be Allen girls.

 This is an old photo.  Sarah Freeman died in 1875, could this be her?

Some of the Tintypes that were scanable....some I didn't do because they were in bad shape.  Have no idea who any of these folks are.  

 This girl looks like the one on the left above.  Sarah's other daughters?  One of them died young, these could be Emeline and Lucy?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

From England to New Jersey

We all have 2,048 9th Great Grandparents.  Rather daunting.  I did a little research on how a group of mine emigrated to the United States.  I picked my 5th Great Grandfather, Ephraim Martin and his wife Eunice Dunham and worked them back to MY 9th Great Grandparents through them.  Hope that makes sense.  The spread sheet below lists 32 of my 2,048 9th Great Grandparents in this group and I know most of the names...well, I know 24 of them.

Origin of Set A - 9th Great Grandparents
John MartinEnglandEngland
Suzan HemertinEnglandEngland
Thomas Roberts*1600Worcester, Eng1673Dover, NH
Rebecca Hilton*1602Wearmouth, Eng1673Boston, Ma
George Trotter*1607Byer's Green, Eng1657Newbury, Ma
Gertrude Wren*1610Auckland, Eng1660Newbury, Ma
John Gibbs*1600Bath Abbey, Eng1650Newbury, Ma
Joan Scott*1605Long Sutton, Eng1655Newbury, Ma
Thomas Dunham1556Scrooby, Eng1652London, Eng
Jane Bromely1560Scrooby, Eng1656Nottinghamshire, Eng
Thomas Billiou1572Wichres, France1617France
Anne Aime1574France1625Netherlands
William Tilson*1570England1640Plymouth, Ma
Jane Bromely*1575England?Plymouth, Ma
Francis Singletary1559Surfleet, Eng1617Surfleet, Eng
Agnes Cook1563Haverhill, Eng1618Surfleet, Eng
William Cooke*1584Worcestershire, Eng1682Essex, Ma
Martha White1589Cornwall, Eng1648Oxfordshire, Eng
John Bloomfield*1589Suffolk, Eng1639Newbury, Ma
Mary*1620England?Prob Newbury
Richard Ilsley1577London, Eng1613London, Eng
Joanne Lewes1572Wiltshire, Eng1613London, Eng
John Stevens1575Oxford, Eng1627Oxford, Eng
Alice Atkins*1580Chesham, Eng1650Newbury, Ma
Next group - 8th Great Grandparents
John Martin*1620England1687Piscataway, NJ
Esther Roberts1626Dover, NH1687Piscataway, NJ
William Trotter1630Newbury, Ma1676Piscataway, NJ
Cutbury Gibbs1628Newbury, Ma1667Piscataway, NJ
John Dunham*1589Nottinghamshire, Eng1668Plymouth, Ma
Abigail Barlow*1600Leiden, Holland1669Plymouth, Ma
Edmond Tilson1605England1660Plymouth, Ma
Joan1609England1668Plymouth, Ma
Richard Singletary*1594Lincolnshire, Eng1687Essex, Ma
Susanna Cook*1616Essex, Ma1682Essex, Ma
Thomas Bloomfield*1617Suffolk, Eng1684Woodbridge, NJ
Mary Withers*1620England1686Woodbridge, NJ
William Iseley*1610Berkshire, Eng1681Newbury, Ma
Barbara Stevens*1611Oxfordshire, Eng1681Newbury, Ma
Next group - 7th Great Grandparents
Joseph Martin1657Dover, NH1732Piscataway, NJ
Sarah Trotter1665Newbury, Ma1750Piscataway, NJ
Benejah Dunham1640Plymouth, Ma1680Piscataway, NJ
Elizabeth Tilson1640Plymouth, Ma1682Piscataway, NJ
Johathan Dunham1640Salisbury, Ma1706Woodbridge, NJ
Mary Bloomfield1642Newbury, Ma1702Woodbridge, NJ
John Ilsley1641Newbury, Ma1707Woodbridge, NJ
Ann1654Woodbridge, NJ?Woodbridge, NJ
Next group - 6th Great Grandparents
James Martin1680Piscataway, NJ1771Basking Ridge, NJ
Hannah Dunham1680Piscataway, NJ1779Basking Ridge, NJ
David Dunham1673Woodbridge, NJ1753Woodbridge, NJ
Mary Ilsley1680Woodbridge, NJ1750Woodbridge, NJ
Next group - 5th Great Grandparents 
Ephraim Martin1707Piscataway, NJ1789Basking Ridge, NJ
Eunice Dunham1710Woodbridge, NJ1737Basking Ridge, NJ

The * indicates the emigrant ancestor.  With one exception they were all from England and all entered America at Plymouth or Newbury, Mass.  I have included John Martin and Suzan Hemertin as our across the pond Martin connection, but as with several of these families we can only rely on other's research.  For many years the Martin family genealogies name an Isaac Martin and Martha Greenhill as John Martin (1620)'s parents.  In fact those are the names in the Martin Genealogy put together by Alma Martin in 1976.  That has proven to be false and the above is the current consensus and is included in The Martin Family of America, last updated 1984 by Louise Martin Mohler.  I corresponded with a fellow many years ago that was convinced the Martins are descended from Martin de tour who came to England from Normandy with William the Conqueror.  Not to be confused with St Martin de tour, although lots of folks are claiming the Saint as a remote ancestor - and, who knows, perhaps he is.

Recently I did a DNA test on and it has taken me back to Colonial America and these Martin ancestors. They  were all here by the mid 1600's.   I  did the DNA test hoping to uncover some new clue on my Mom's side, but alas, as I learn more about the process I find the longer your family has been in this country, the more likely you are to find a DNA match.  Just a numbers thing, actually. matches you with other folks who have taken the test, so I was amazed to get thousands of matches, most of which I can 't determine how or why we match.  If we have a name in common, that helps!

Mom's family stepped off the boat only a couple of generations ago, so she is not likely to show up.  I do have a potential Deierling "cousin" to match with as you can do one on one comparisons...but after getting me started on this endeavor she is not responding to my notes.

Even on Dad's side, the Lewis, Tyson, Short, Williams families are fairly new and I'm not getting any matches on those lines.  Tyson actually should show up as there were Tysons in Virginia in early years.  The Zanes show up.  I do see the Allen and Freeman families occasionally, but as I have a dead end in Morris County, NJ on John Allen and Sarah Freeman, I can't conclusively say where these "matches" fit.  They do indicate I am on the right track, however - because they are the same family groups I have already collected to attach to John and Sarah as collateral and/or direct ancestors. Sort of trying to backdoor Sarah and John into the family tree.

So, back to the above 9th Great Grandparents.  In looking at my DNA matches, the first thing that jumped out at me is that all roads in this group, so to speak, seemed to lead to Piscataway and/or Woodbridge, New Jersey.  I've always known the Martins were from Piscataway but with this new research,  I even added in some grandparents along the way that I was unaware of - and they led me to Piscataway/Woodbridge, too.   In fact, since the internet and online genealogical data, there are several lines I have never pursued and this was a great opportunity to work on those folks. The Tilsons, The Bloomfields and the fact there were two Dunham family is actually new to me.

Most of the names of our direct ancestors appear in the book "Woodbridge and Vicinity".  Another old book of interest is "History of the First Baptist Church of Piscataway".   We are related, in one way or another, with most of the first settlers of Woodbridge and/or Piscataway because, frankly...there were no other people there to marry.  So the sons and daughters of these early pioneers married each other.  I find Runyons and Drakes and Dunns, etc throughout the tree.  The Drakes, by the way are of the Sir Francis Drake lineage - and a supposed ancestor of John Martin (1620), one Capt John Martin supposedly sailed around the world with said Sir Francis Drake.  One does always see Drakes and Martins in the same, who knows.  Supposedly, it could be true.

A note on the Dunhams.  It looks like a lot of Dunhams in here, but there were actually two unrelated families, one in Piscataway and one in Woodbridge.   Jonathan Dunham listed in the 7th Great Grandparents group is actually a son of Richard Singletary.  Jonathan took on the Dunham name and no one seems to know exactly why although it may have had something to do with a family quarrel.  Everyone else in the family retained the Singletary name.  Jonathan (Singletary) Dunham is the common ancestor we have with President Barach Obama.  Jonathan was very active in the Woodbridge community and had the first grist mill in Woodbridge.  If you click on his highlighted name above, you can read all about him.

The "other" Dunham family originated in Scrooby, England which is the source of the Pilgrim movement.  The Pilgrims escaped from England in 1608 to Holland and after a dozen years or so in Holland, where they were not happy,  a group of them climbed onto the Mayflower and the rest is history.  Unfortunately, our direct ancestry Dunhams, although they were in Leiden, Holland with the others, did not arrive until about 1633 and thus we are not Mayflower descendants as we would have been had they caught the first boat. In Holland, John Dunham married Abigail Barlow/Billiou, whose family originated in France and this is the only non-English line in this group.

An e-book I just discovered - Dunham Genealogy. I need to do some additional research because there seems to be another theory on who John Dunham married, I have read about genealogies being embellished to provide descendants with a Mayflower ancestor and I think the e-book linked may well be part of that kind of manipulation as it has John Dunham on the Mayflower under cover as John Goodman.  Hmmm.

There was a Christopher Martin on the Mayflower but, alas, we are not related to him, either.

More Later.